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Search Engine Optimisation is essentially just the method that is used to tell Google (and other search engines) that you are the most relevant answer to a certain search. Appearing as number one in SEO is the aim for every website, whether they know it or not. For some, more up to date businesses, the aim is now to appear as the number “0” search spot.

#0 Search Ranking?

The #0 search spot is the spot that appears in voice searches, i.e. the answer that a bot will answer with when someone asks their Alexa or Google Home something. Or even you voice search on your phone. This is of huge importance in the future since it is expected that 30% of all searches will be done without a screen, instead just using your voice. To be the answer that voice assistants give back is the aim of any business investing in SEO.

Ranking Technicalities

Search Engines rank the answers to a customers query based on a huge array of factors, such as relevance, location, reliability and so on… A business should want to be top notch in all of these factors. Focusing on just one factor isn’t the answer and neither is paying for Google Ads. This does not affect your Google Search Ranking directly at all. All online businesses should, ideally, invest time and effort into SEO going forward.

SEO has Changed

SEO is not what it use to be, keywords, meta descriptions and all the old ways of appearing higher on Google are dying, with the focus instead being placed on linking, headers, and actually scrolling through your content to see if it is relevant. The Google search engine (and others) are becoming much smarter and are able to distinguish between fake irrelevant content and the content that actually is useful to the searcher.

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