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What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management means a range of different things and is often done by a business owner or another employee. But here at Go Online, we can take this important task and do it well. We monitor what works for your business, we ensure that posts are regular, images are high quality and that content sends out a cohesive message.

Each social media channel is different and we recognise that. Each channel must be treated different but yet the same message should be sent out to all. This means that no matter what channel your customers are reading on, they will get the same message in the correct way.

The management of social media requires constant attention, it requires attention to detail and, most importantly, a fun and competitive attitude. The aim of social media is not necessarily to gain sales and reach new customers but to remind your current customers and fans that you exist!

Timing is Key

Social media needs regular attention, as mentioned above. This attention will give you the means to know when to post, what day and what time. Your followers are active at certain times of the day, and no business is the exact same (although general advice can be given). To really be effective to reach the most amount of followers (and non-followers) you need to send out the right content at the right time.

Content Too

Content is what makes your posts engaging, which is the most important general factor when seeing how effective your posts are. Facebook is starting to look at Comments as one of the most important factors in engaging users, and as such you want to encourage comments, but not just any type of comment, it must be commenting that provides discussion. Facebook knows what Like and Share competitions look like and as such will show these types of posts to fewer people. You want to engage your readers and encourage user engagement with your posts.


Each post should be tracked, which is something that we can do for you at Go Online. We ensure that every social media post is tracked and monitored so that it can be decided when is the best time to post and what is the best content. Not only should you be tracking on Facebook pages and Instagram Insights but also Google Analytics… sometimes these will differ, but Google Analytics will tell you what platforms people are coming to your website form… Oh, and ensure that URL’s are in your posts…

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