How many different social media networks is your business on? 1, 5, 10, 0? 96% of SME’s report that they use social media in their marketing strategy. But 50% of small business use 2 or less social media platforms in their marketing plan. 

Digital marketing should not just focus of 2 of the main platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but it should not focus on all of them either. Focus on the ones that might matter to your business, that might suit your business. Social media is not just a place to share views, photos, products, services and updates anymore. In fact, more than 40% of 16-24 year olds use social media to find out more about a business, this might not sound like alot but when 50% of the same age range use search engines to find out more about a business, that 40% figure seems much larger.

It is important to invest time into your business pages on social media, but that should be a given in 2018. It is just as important to invest money, and to use it smartly. All these social media platforms can give demographical information on where to target, when to target and who to target so that you don’t waste your money. And if you have a website, Google Analytics comes into huge importance also.

Talking about social media is not just about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but also video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, media platforms such as Snapchat and Pinterest, text platforms such as Blogs and Reddit, and local platforms such as Boards, and MyTown. Each of these platforms and more should be in every businesses conversation on what to invest time and/or money in. Ignoring any social media without contemplating how you could use it can easily miss out on sales, no matter how few or many.


Dylan is the Owner of Go Online and he has completed a level 8, third level, 4 year education in Waterford Institute of Technology studying Marketing & Digital Media.

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