This was a project made with college but used as a means of showcasing the design and creativity here at Go Online. This was created using Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator and designed to be as if they were implemented in a real-world scenario. The designs had to be kept in topic with the art gallery exhibition which was based around cubism art. The artist was Fernand Léger. So, therefore, the artist’s style was implemented throughout the leaflet with the use of a certain font that attributed to his specific style.

The billboard then was created using one piece of his artwork and designed to highlight the date and time at which the event would be on at. The project received high marks and suited what was being looked for.

The leaflet was designed to be ready to print and made to be folded in 3 separate sections as seen below. It was to be printed on both sides.

This level of work and effort can be made for any business with any topic in mind. If you would like to know a price or to have an idea of what we can do for you, just contact me at



Dylan is the Owner of Go Online and he has completed a level 8, third level, 4 year education in Waterford Institute of Technology studying Marketing & Digital Media.

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