We have now stocked new business cards, which we are delighted with and they are being appreciated by our clients so far. The business cards we have designed are aimed at being eye catching and standing out.

The design is used in conjunction with a glossy texture on the front of the card to emphasise contact details and basically visual effect. Whereas, the back of the card is non glossy and only has the website and logo.

The cards are printed on to premium durable paper so they don’t get worn easily and can easily stay intact on a desk or in my own wallet as I can carry some around. Similar designs like this could be implemented for you, just have a look at our Business Card Design Service and contact us if you would like a price that may be suited more at exactly what you want.


To contact me you can email me at dylan@goonline.ie or contact us at the Get in Touch section at the bottom of the Home Page.


Dylan is the Owner of Go Online and he has completed a level 8, third level, 4 year education in Waterford Institute of Technology studying Marketing & Digital Media.

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