This business card was created to have very little information on the card besides the contact details, so in this case it was important to make it rather visual and easy on the eye. The business was based around female beauty and as such the target market had to be understood and the cards had to appeal to this sector.

With this in mind and after a couple of revisions, we created a card that our client was delighted with. After a quick design and printing process, the cards had arrived within a working week of when the project had begun.

As seen in the images, it ended up being a rather simple business card but was designed to be unique and individual to our client like all of our creations.

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Dylan is the Owner of Go Online and he has completed a level 8, third level, 4 year education in Waterford Institute of Technology studying Marketing & Digital Media.

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Marina · July 18, 2018 at 1:00 am

Very cool!

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