This was a project that was made during college in semester 5. We were given the task of creating, from scratch, a book cover and bus shelter poster advertisement for a Stephan King book, entitled FEAR. We were given the description of the book that included 12 short stories, around the theme of horror and the book being entitled FEAR.

Although we were offered guidance, we were allowed to free roam with ideas and what the cover and advertisement were based on. Following a series of sketches of multiple different ideas about my perception of FEAR and what seemed to suit both the authors’ typical style of book and the theme of the book at hand, I rested on the book cover below:

This book cover was then to be accompanied by a bus shelter poster that would be similar to the book but obviously be a larger scale and attract the attention of those walking past. This Poster is shown below:

This project was given a distinction grade along with a separate billboard and leaflet advertisement campaign for an art gallery. This will be delved into at a later time on a separate blog post. I am proud of this work as it involved a high level of creativity and skill with image editing software tools such as Powerpoint and Illustrator.


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